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The night from 31.October to 1.November is probably one of the most exciting, exciting and creepy nights
of the year for many children,but also for adults. During this night, numerous big and small monsters,
ghosts, zombies and other characters are ghosting through the streets and beg for sweets and cookies
with the Trick or Treat saying. Halloween or the All Hallows Eve has its origin in the medieval church
history and was brought to the United States by the Irish emigrants of the nineteenth century.
Trick or Treat Pics is the place on the internet for pictures of your pumpkin or costume
and the photos of your parties, decorations and wild Halloween nights.

Trick or Treat Hall of Fame

Kids Halloween Cat Costume

Shown in Album: Kids Halloween Costumes

Womens Halloween Bunny Costume

Shown in Album: Womens Halloween Costumes

Decorating the Pumpkin with the Kids

Shown in Album: Decorated Pumpkins

Halloween Horror Masks Event

Shown in Album: Face Masks and Covers

Lindsay Lohan Leather Cat Costume

Shown in Album: Celebrity Halloween Pictures

Halloween Party Kissing Girls

Shown in Album: Halloween Partys and Celebrations

Halloween Pumpkin picking with Kids

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